About Us.

BankUdhaar.com is a most sought after service from Infinite Finsolve Private Limited, the parent company. We introduce ourselves as a unique web portal which works to strengthen customer power and delivers high quality services. We are an end to end service provider and we arrange competitive offers from Banks to ensure enough choices to our customers.

Through this platform BankUdhaar.com we intend to help all the customers in getting the appropriate loan product suiting their needs. Not only customers get the right loan amount and right loan product they also get BEST price (Lowest interest rate), and early delivery from the participating banks. Since our expertise is delivering the loans, we reduce the cycle time in complete procedure. So customers get money, when they need it and at the lowest cost.

At BankUdhaar.com, we help customers in getting all the loans which are on offer by Indian banking industry. All the loans are under one roof and our experts guide our customers in taking decisions. Dealing with BankUdhaar.com is an experience as your needs get fulfilled at the lowest possible price point.

Getting consolidated information on rates from different banks in a click, whence you don’t need to go to individual banks and take the rates, do the bargain, face all the complexity of loans and determine the best in that all. Now this all can be done at once just by a single click.

We mean it when we say that at BankUdhaar.com… “Need a Loan …You are not Alone”.


BankUdhaar.com is an initiative to provide freedom to its customers. Freedom from limited choices, freedom from rigid economic policies, freedom from hassle of paper work and freedom from following up for your loan. These all are done by us while you concentrate on your routine job or business.

There are multiple banks and financing institutions operating in India… meaning you have multiple choices to avail your finance. At BankUdhaar, we offer the perfect match making. We evaluate your profile and recommend you the best fitment for bank/Financial Institution. 

The service actually makes your work easy and fast. The process of 10 days or more doing manually going bank to bank is actually converted to a minute process!

We understand that there are different credit policies and flexibilities with each banking institution. So your profile and loan need, guides us to give you best solution. We have set such algorithms that our system offers the perfect match. What more, we also connect you to respective bank and you avail finance sitting at home or office. With these services put together, you get easy and quick finance, from the right institution and at the right interest rate. 

Mission Statement: 

BankUdhaar.com exists to “Bring Transparency, Speed and Comfort in Loan processes for Individuals and Industries.”

Every single employee of the organization live by this Mission Statement every day and we try our best to offer a unique experience dealing with BankUdhaar.com


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